Samsung introduces the new Galaxy Watch

Samsung announced today besides the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also a new Galaxy Watch. With this watch you control Samsung’s Galaxy Ecosystem, you have access to various health functions and you get a personal design. The battery of the Galaxy Watch also lasts about 80 hours.

We want to make people’s lives easier, all our innovations are focused on that ,” says Gerben van Walt Meijer, Marketing Manager Mobile of Samsung Netherlands. “ At the same time, we find it important that people can express themselves fully with our products.The Galaxy Watch offers so many possibilities in style that it becomes a reflection of everyone’s unique personality.”

More than 80 hours

battery life of the Galaxy Watch has been extended to more than 80 hours. That means you only have to load your watch a few times a week. This way you can easily keep track of everything that happens in your life.

Health first

The Galaxy Watch offers a holistic health experience. The new stress management tracker automatically detects when your stress level is too high and then suggests appropriate breathing exercises. That way you get control again. The sleeping aid is also extra advanced and keeps the various phases of your sleep in detail, including REM sleep. This way you can adjust your sleeping habits to get fresher during the day.

For the fitness enthusiast

Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch also offers plenty of fitness assistance. 21 new exercises have been added to the watch, bringing the total to 39 workouts. That makes it easy to include exactly those exercises in your routine that you want or do.

And because balanced nutrition is just as important for good health, the Galaxy Watch also has a solution for this. Via an intuitive calorie counter in combination with personalized alerts, your goals come closer. The Galaxy Watch works together with Bixby Vision: you take a picture of your meal with your smartphone and the nutritional value is immediately uploaded to Samsung Health. This gives you control over all health aspects, from sport to stress and from sleep to nutrition.


The Galaxy Watch appears in the dimensions 46 mm and 42 mm and the colors Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold. Then you can personalize the watch with different dials and high-quality watch straps from the brand Braloba. The Galaxy Watch also has the iconic rotating ring around the dial. This allows you to enter options, control the volume or take your calls. The watch also makes analogue ticking sounds and every hour you can set a louder clock. Furthermore he has Corning Gorilla Glass DX + and the best water resistance you can think of (5 ATM rating).

Galaxy Ecosystem

The Galaxy Watch provides a flawless connection to the Galaxy Ecosystem. With the Galaxy Watch you have the following apps at your disposal: SmartThings, Samsung Health, Samsung Flow, Bixby, Spotify and Under Armor . Applications have also been developed specifically for the Dutch market. Always the latest information from, among others, KLM Buienradar, 9292 and NOS. With the Galaxy Watch you have easy access to all your devices via SmartThings. From your wrist you operate the robot vacuum cleaner, turn on the TV or you know exactly when the washing machine is ready. With Spotify Offline mode you listen to your favorite music offline and without a smartphone. Finally, your safety is assured with Samsung KNOX.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch with Bluetooth appears on September 7 in the Netherlands and is available in 2 sizes: 42 mm (in Midnight Black and Rose Gold) and 46 mm (Silver). The sales advice prices are € 309, – and € 329, respectively.

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