'Samsung Galaxy S10 gets ultrasound Qualcomm fingerprint scanner behind the screen'

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Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S10 to be released in 2019 with a fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm. This works with a scanner that uses ultrasound. That’s what Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who regularly makes accurate predictions about unannounced smartphones.

Not only the Galaxy S10 will probably be equipped with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is placed behind the screen. Ming-Chi Kuo reports according to 9to5Google that the number of smartphones with this specific fingerprint scanner can eventually reach 60 million. In addition to the S10, the analyst also expects the Note 10 and ‘high-end’ device from the A series to have access to this ultrasonic scanner. At the end of May, the Korean ETNews reported that the Galaxy S10 will receive an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm.
In addition, tweeter and smartphone contender Ice Universe reports on the basis of statements by Samsung’s top man from the mobile division, DJ Koh , that the South Korean manufacturer sees no advantage in optical fingerprint scanners . According to the CEO, this technology can lead to a poor user experience. There was no further explanation, but the CEO said that Samsung could have implemented fingerprint scanners behind the screen two years ago, if a sensor based on optical recognition had been chosen. An example is the fingerprint scanner from Synaptics .
Qualcomm announced a year ago that it develops fingerprint scanners that can be placed behind an OLED screen, glass or metal. This is a technology where ultrasound is used; that reverberates against the fingertip to be able to read the impression of the finger. This differs from the implementations used so far, such as the Synaptics optical scanner.
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