Samsung further delays release of Tizen phone

Samsung has further postponed the release of its phone with its own operating system Tizen. The South Korean manufacturer wanted to release its device in the first half of this year, but now no longer mentions a planned release date.

Samsung wanted to release its as yet unannounced device with Tizen in Japan, Russia and home country South Korea, but those releases are all canceled, Samsung says in a statement to TizenIndonesia. The manufacturer does not mention a date on which the Tizen phone should now be released. Earlier it appeared that the Japanese provider NTT Docomo had canceled the release of the device.

Samsung has been working on its devices with Tizen for several years. The operating system itself is now at version 2.2 and version 3.0 will be shown on a ZTE Geek at the telecom fair Mobile World Congress next month. This is a reference design that will not be available in the store.

Tizen is being developed under the leadership of Samsung and Intel. The chipmaker has been planning phones with its operating system for five years, but LG, Nokia and Samsung successively collaborated with Intel, but none of the three released a phone. Nokia did come up with the N9, but despite the name MeeGo Harmatten 1.2, that software was in fact version 6 of Nokia’s own Linux distro Maemo.