Rumour: AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Coming in June

AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s DLSS, FidelityFX Super Resolution, is due out next month. That is what youtuber Coreteks, who previously released AMD news early. According to him, game developers are now testing FSR and development is almost finished.

FidelityFX Super Resolution has a number of advantages over Nvidia’s DLSS, according to the youtuber. For example, the technology would not require prior training from a generative adversial network, or GAN, and FSR is used much earlier than DLSS in the graphics process. It is reported to be an algorithmic upscaler that requires little overhead.

Potentially, FSR would require less work from developers and the technology could be deployed faster and easier. It is still unknown what performance benefits FSR would bring, as several versions of FSR have been delivered to developers, Corteks said.

FSR is part of the FidelityFX toolkit and is therefore officially supported by AMD GPUs. According to Coreteks, FSR is also suitable for Nvidia GPUs, although AMD would not necessarily allow competitor video cards to take advantage of the technology.

AMD was making progress with FSR a month ago. No date has been set for the release, PCGamer wrote at the time, except that the technology should come to RDNA2 GPUs in 2021. It was announced that consoles should also be able to use the technology and that, unlike DLSS, it does not use machine learning. For now, the list of supported games is not very large, but it is growing.