Rumors about ATi Radeon Mobility M9 video chip

The Inquirer claims to have seen a document detailing the specifications of the Radeon Mobility M9 video chip. If we are to believe the story, we can expect laptops early next year with graphics that are superior to those of the GeForce3 in both speed and features. The DirectX 9.0 compliant R300 core will be used, which is also rumored to be used in the successor to the Radeon 2. The fact that it will be available so soon may mean that nVidia’s GeForce3 Ultra chip can expect heavy opposition. Here are the specifications of the M9 according to The Inquirer:

  • R300 core
    • 350MHz
    • 0.15 micron
    • DirectX 9.0 features
  • Up to 256MB frame buffer
    • 128 bit SDRAM or DDR memory
    • Up to 32MB eDRAM
  • 74 million triangles per second
  • 1.4 Gigapixels (4 pixel pipes)
  • 11.2 Gigatexels (8 textures per pixel)

Now we just have to wait and see if anything actually turns out to be true. Even for a high-end desktop chip this list would be more than and we are only talking about the mobile version here.