Rumor: Two iPhones from next year will have the same design as iPhone 7

Apple will make two iPhones next year with the same design as the iPhone 7, according to the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara. The only change would be the addition of a red color to the range. In total, there are rumors of three new iPhones.

The two models, which Macotakara refers to as iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, would only get new components on board as an Apple A11 soc instead of the A10 in the current iPhone 7 series. Wireless charging and a glass design would not be in these models, according to the blog. The Japanese site has had a virtually flawless reputation for Apple rumors for over five years and often provides early information about upcoming Apple products.

In addition to the current colors, Apple would like to add red as an option to the new iPhones. This year, the iPhone 7 came in two new options, namely matte black and glossy jet black. If the iPhone 7s comes with the same design, Apple will stick to the same dimensions and design for its smartphones for the fourth year in a row.

There are rumors that the manufacturer is working on a third model iPhone, with curved OLED screen, glass housing and support for wireless charging. Also this year, Apple released three iPhones: the 7, 7 Plus and the small SE this spring.