Rumor: successor HTC One has two cameras on the back

The successor to the HTC One will have two cameras on the back. That claims financial news agency Bloomberg based on an anonymous source. Toshiba showed such a camera module at the CES electronics fair, which should enable new functions.

The successor to the HTC One should be released in March, Bloomberg claims based on an anonymous source that the financial news agency considers reliable. The manufacturer would use two cameras on the back for “better focus, depth of field and photo quality,” Bloomberg said. Toshiba recently showed a camera module that can focus afterwards thanks to the use of two cameras. Bloomberg is a financial news agency whose reporting is often seen as reliable. Many rumors reported by the news agency last year turned out to be true.

The smartphone should be released in March and according to the source has about the same design as last year’s One, but with a slightly larger screen. That’s in line with previous photos and rumors, which talked about a 5″ screen with full HD resolution. Many other manufacturers are probably making the move to 1440p screens this year, with one and a half times as many pixels. The successor to the One presumably runs on a Snapdragon 800 and not the newer Snapdragon 805.

HTC would like to release the successor of the One, which according to previous rumors is One+ or again One, in March. That means that the presentation of the device will probably take place soon; last year HTC showed the One just before the Mobile World Congress telecom fair at the end of February.

HTC One and One mini