Rumor: Spotify wants to improve relationship between artists by selling concert tickets

Spotify would consider selling concert tickets. In doing so, it wants to point out to artists places where they are popular in order to suggest where they could perform. It also concerns virtual events. With the move, Spotify would like to improve its relationship with artists.

Spotify is currently investigating the move, The Information writes. The company has not confirmed or denied the plans. It wouldn’t be the first time that the music streaming service has made the switch to promoting events, Engadget writes . This spring, there were virtual events hosted by Spotify.

The music streaming service wants to use users’ data to point out to artists where they are popular and where a performance might therefore make a lot of sense. In addition to improving relationships with artists, it would also be a way to differentiate its service from competitors such as Apple Music and Deezer.

It is unknown if and when Spotify would like to start offering tickets for physical and digital concerts through its own service. It is also unclear how that would work in the app of the music streaming service.