Rumor: Sony ‘Sirius’ smartphone gets Android 4.4 and 4k video recording

Sony appears to be planning to provide a yet-to-be-announced smartphone codenamed Sirius with Android 4.4, along with the ability to shoot video content in 4k resolution. Sony also comes with a simplified display of the home screen for the elderly.

The new features that Sony puts in its Android 4.4 software have come into the hands of Xperiablog. According to the site, the manufacturer plans to bring the device codenamed Sirius, whose specifications were previously released, with the most recent Android version. The screenshots shown show that Sony plans to add several new features to the software. For example, the company comes with the option to record video in 4k resolution or at 120fps.

In addition, there is a built-in option to show a simpler version of the home screen. Large tiles are shown, something that should probably make it easier for the elderly and visually impaired to use the smartphone. Furthermore, it becomes possible for users to set the white balance of the screen and the screen remains on as long as the user is looking at it; Samsung came up with similar functionality before.

Sony’s Android 4.4 software has built-in gestures that allow users to accept or decline an incoming phone call: putting the device to the ear answers the call, while shaking cancels the call. Furthermore, pressing the screen twice ensures that it is turned on, a feature that LG introduced earlier. The calling application has a built-in answering machine, which can be set by the user.

According to previous rumors, the Sirius has a 5.2 “screen. The housing is built with the Snapdragon 800-soc from Qualcomm. When Sony wants to release the device and for what price is not yet known.