Rumor: Samsung will release smartphone with a foldable 7.3″ screen at the end of this year jaar

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Samsung is said to be working on the release of a smartphone with a foldable 7.3″ screen. Mass production should start later this year, while the device should hit the market late this year or early next year.

It would be a display that folds inwards, ETNews writes. This would allow users to use the device as a phone and as a tablet. Because it is a foldable screen, no bezel should be visible, as with smartphones with two screens such as the ZTE Axon M.

Samsung would already show the technology behind closed doors at CES. The manufacturer has not confirmed the information, but previously said it is working on a smartphone with a folding screen for release in 2018. The rumors about smartphones with folding screens have been going on for years. That there is an idea to put a tablet screen in a device that is the same size as a smartphone, is nothing new. Folding OLED screens have been around for more than ten years.

Although smartphones with folding screens do not exist, curved smartphones have been around for several years. They are based on the same technique and the screen could also be bent separately, but the smartphone as a whole is not flexible. That is the case with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 Edge and previous models from the South Korean manufacturer.

Samsung’s 2012 foldable smartphone concept

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