Rumor: Samsung wanted to give developers access to what app user types

Samsung had wanted to give app developers access to far more user data than is currently possible to give them the ability to “improve” their apps. Among other things, they should be able to pass on what the user is typing and which data sensors are picking up.

Samsung would work on the project under the name Context and in addition to typing data and sensor data, the developers should also be able to use other apps. The rumor comes from pay site The Information. However, according to the sites, the project has been halted because internal doubts arose whether the functionality would lead to more device sales.

The claim is in a piece describing the negotiations between Samsung and Google. It is not clear whether the Context project was also discussed there, but the approach of the conversations has reportedly been that Google will get more grip on Android software, while Samsung focuses on its hardware, adjusts Android less and increases the number of apps. that compete with Google brings back services on its devices. The discussions took place before the sale of Motorola by Google became known.