Rumor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 is made on 8nm process from Samsung

A picture with specifications appeared online from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 and the Snapdragon 730. The latter would be made on the 8nm process of Samsung. The soc would also contain its own neural processing unit .

Both Snapdragons from the 700 series would receive two fast Kryo cores, assisted by six economical variants. The gpu of both socs is the Adreno 615 and there is support for screens with a resolution of up to 3040×1440 pixels. Qualcomm would also provide the Snapdragon 730 with a npu . Huawei does that already with its Kirin 970-soc and also Samsung has a soc containing a chip with a neural network.

According to the picture, provided by SuggestPone has been put online, the Snapdragon 730 is made on the new 8nm process from Samsung . The South Korean manufacturer announced at the end of last year that this was ready for the production of chips. The node is up to ten percent more efficient than Samsung’s 10nm-lpp process, for example the Snapdragon 845.

The Snapdragon 710 is not made on the new process, but on the older 10nm-lpe-node. This is a less efficient process than the 10nm-lpp node that Samsung has been producing for some time. Perhaps the choice has to do with capacity.

Whether all details are correct is not clear, but the information about the SD710 corresponds to what XDA Developers brought out earlier. That website discovered that the Snapdragon 710 is a rebrand of the Snapdragon 670 which in turn was the intended successor of the SD660. Qualcomm has never announced the SD670.

Qualcomm announced at the end of February that a Snapdragon 700 series was coming, but the chip designer himself has not published anything yet about the specifications