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Rumor: Poor version Windows gets support for emulation x64 programs

The arm version of Windows 10 receives support for the emulation of 64-bit programs for x64 architecture according to various sources. Currently, the Windows arm version only emulates x86 programs, but not the 64-bit processors from Intel and AMD.

The support for emulation of x64 will come in Windows in 2021, based on its own sources. Twitterer WalkingCat has now shared slides that seem to come from Microsoft’s Ignite conference and that also mention the arrival of X64 emulation. That is not yet possible because it would be too slow for everyday use.

The current arm version of Windows 10 only emulates x86 programs. As a result, many games and applications for photo and video editing do not run on computers with arm-socs; they often only come out in 64-bit versions for Intel and AMD processors. It is not clear which programs work and which do not work on current computers with arm-socs, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro X.

It is unclear how that emulation will work, but programs will work slower with that emulation than the 32-bit variants, Neowin claims. Microsoft does not want to confirm the information. The company released the arm version of Windows 10 some time ago. The Surface Pro X with Qualcomm SQ1-soc based on ARM architecture will be released this month.

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