Rumor: Pixel 5a will be released in the US and Japan at the end of this month for $450

Google is rumored to make the Pixel 5a available in the United States and Japan from August 26. The price in the United States would be $450, according to the claim.

Google will start sales in the two markets on August 26 only online and physically in its own Google Store, according to Jon Prosser of Frontpagetech, who often releases information about the Pixels early. In May, for example, he published renders of the Pixel 6. The mentioned suggested retail price of $450 is said to be much higher than that of the Pixel 4a last year, which sold for $349 in the US.

A rumor from Prosser that turned out to be false was that Google scrapped the Pixel 5a due to chip shortages. That rumor prompted Google to announce the Pixel 5a as early as April for release sometime this year. The company said at the time that it would be a limited release in the US and Japan only.

It is rumored to be a black device with a 6.4 “screen that works at 60Hz as standard but can also display at a refresh rate of 90Hz. The processor would be the Snapdragon 765G and the 5a would have a battery capacity of 4650mAh. According to Prosser the 5a has the same camera as the Pixel 5 and the device is said to have a headphone jack.

Last week, Google announced the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with the partially self-designed Tensor socs.

Render of OnLeaks of the Google Pixel 5a