Rumor: Nvidia wants partners to link gaming brands exclusively to GeForce

HardOCP claims based on documents and conversations with manufacturers that Nvidia wants to link game brands exclusively to GeForce using its so-called GeForce Partner Program. The sources wished to remain anonymous.

HardOCP states that it was approached by AMD with the information, but that it subsequently conducted further research itself and spoke to sources at manufacturers. Those conversations, which took place over three weeks, would reveal that Nvidia’s affiliate program, also referred to as GPP, works differently than the company describes in a recently published blog post. In it, it writes that the platform serves “the purpose of gamers to have transparency about the GPUs and software they are sold and that they can select products that carry the Nvidia promise.”

The program is not exclusive, according to Nvidia, which means that participants can also offer products from other manufacturers. In addition, they could stop at any time. However, HardOCP’s sources would argue the opposite. The site writes, “The crux of the whole issue with the GPP comes down to one requirement, which is that the partners’ gaming brands must be fully affiliated with GeForce.” That requirement would be stated in documents that the site claims to have seen.

HardOCP illustrates the consequences of this with the hypothetical case that a manufacturer such as Asus may only sell Nvidia video cards under its ROG designation as long as the company is part of the GPP. This excludes other companies, which would have negative consequences for the market and for consumers. Moreover, it would be disadvantageous to leave the GPP, HardOCP writes on the basis of documents.

It states that by resigning a member loses a number of privileges, such as ‘launch partner status’, ‘game bundling’, marketing reports and ‘marketing development funds’. The companies with which HardOCP spoke also indicated that they had the feeling that they would be allocated less GPU stock if they were not GPP members. Nvidia would not have responded to questions from the site.