Rumor: Nubia equips the back of Red Magic 6 with electrochromic glass

Nubia would like to equip its upcoming gaming smartphone Red Magic 6 with electrochromic glass on the back. As a result, the glass could change from a solid color to a semi-transparent glass.

Changing the transparency would work with a button on the side, according to a video that a user posted to Weibo. As a result, the transparency of the back changes and components underneath or stickers that should create such an illusion become visible. This switching between transparent and dark is done by supplying the electrochromic glass with voltage. That happens briefly.

It is not the first time that this idea, so far mainly known from airplane windows such as the Boeing Dreamliner and sports cars, has appeared on the mobile market. The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus already showed it on the Concept One phone at the beginning of this year. Sister brand Vivo has also shown such an idea, but those concepts were not on phones that are actually available until now.

Red Magic is Nubia’s line of gaming phones. The next version would be called Red Magic 6. In any case, Nubia is using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888-soc, but otherwise little is known about the phone. The new model should appear in the first months of next year.