Rumor: next Mac mini will have four USB-C ports and ‘plexiglass’ top

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Apple would like to present a new version of its Mac mini desktop soon. The previous version was released at the end of 2020 and has an Apple M1-soc. The successor would run on an M1x-soc and also have a different design.

Apple would like to show the new Mac mini at its developer conference WWDC, Jon Prosser reports. He has had renders made based on information obtained. Prosser’s track record in Apple products was solid over the past year. For example, renders of the AirPods Max and AirTags turned out to be correct afterwards.

According to the renders, the Mac mini has four USB-C ports, two USB-A connections, HDMI and ethernet. The 3.5mm jack from the current Mac mini is missing. The power supply connection is the same magnetic connection as the one in the new iMacs.

The top would no longer be aluminum, but instead it would be made of a material that most closely resembles Plexiglass, according to the information. That would make color schemes possible on the computer. It is unknown whether Apple would like to supply the Mac mini in various colors. The housing is also thinner. Exact specifications are not yet known, but they would be similar to those of the upcoming MacBook Pros.

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