Rumor: Netflix is ​​considering expanding to games

Netflix has plans to expand its offering to the gaming market, The Information claims, based on sources familiar with the steps the video platform is taking to achieve this. Not much is known about the plans yet.

Netflix is ​​hiring people to be responsible for its expansion into video games. At least that’s what The Information reports, a site that publishes rumors more often and is usually well-informed. The site relies on sources familiar with the situation.

It would be unnamed veterans from the game world, who Netflix has approached in recent weeks to come work at the company. The plans seem to be still at an early stage. One of the options Netflix would consider would be to bundle a range of games similar to Apple Arcade.

Netflix is ​​not totally unfamiliar with gaming. The company had a successful mobile game developed for the Stranger Things series by a third party. Conversely, it has collaborated extensively with game companies for video series about games, such as The Witcher, Tomb Raider, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dota 2, and Assassin’s Creed.

Netflix’s Stranger Things game