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Rumor: Microsoft wants to phase out Microsoft Store for Business and Education

Microsoft would be planning the Microsoft Store for Business and the Store for Education before June 30, 2020, as deprecated to be considered. Microsoft would like to phase out the app stores. The future of the Store client in Windows 10 would be uncertain. Sources from ZDNet report this.

The deadline for the deprecatedThe status of the stores is before the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year, the generally well-informed Microsoft sources report from ZDNet. It is not clear whether users will be notified before that date that the stores are closing or that the closure must then be a fact.

Microsoft announced the Microsoft Store for Business and the Store for Education in 2015 as a supplement to its app store for Windows consumers. In the business and educational versions, developers could offer applications outside of the consumer store, for example for volume distribution and supply within a certain organization.

Microsoft made last year, also against ZDNet, known that it releases the requirement that modern Windows apps must be distributed via the Windows Store. That was a requirement for Universal Windows Platform apps. The focus on this platform has widened the gap between Win32 and UWP, the company acknowledges. Now that UWP apps have not turned out to be as popular as Microsoft had expected, Microsoft is trying to focus on simply “Windows apps,” bringing more UWP features to Win32 software and allowing restrictions on UWP apps to be celebrated.

The question then was what would happen to the Microsoft Store. According to the sources of ZDNet, the web version of the store for consumers is not under discussion in the strategy, but the future of the app store integrated into Windows 10 is ‘uncertain’. Microsoft wanted the store to offer a safe and centralized way to deliver Windows software, but last year said it would consider the store to be just one of several channels for distributing Windows apps.

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