Rumor: LG will release foldable smartphone in the summer

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LG may release its foldable smartphone this summer. The South Korean ETNews claims that based on its own sources. The smartphone maker would like to show its first smartphone of the new year next week or the week after.

The first smartphone would be called Q9, ETNews reports. It would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660-soc, coupled with a RAM of 4GB. According to the site, the screen has a diagonal of 6.1 “, but otherwise little is known about the details of the phone. The most logical moment for the presentation is before the electronics fair CES or at that fair. CES starts in a week and a half in Las Vegas.

LG will then launch the G8 in March, the successor to the G7 ThinQ. It will have a screen with a notch in the shape of a water drop, ETNews reports. It will also receive a depth sensor, just like other smartphones in 2019. It is unknown which applications LG has devised for this. The G8 is separate from LG’s first 5G phone, which will be renamed. It comes out in the spring.

LG’s first foldable model will follow in the summer. ETNews does not know the specs and functions. The four phones would be the manufacturer’s main models until next fall. ETNews has often published correct information about South Korean tech companies, although the site has sometimes been wrong. LG has not responded to the article.

LG G7 ThinQ

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