Rumor: Intel plans to acquire chip designer Altera

Intel is said to have plans to acquire Altera, a company that designs chips for various industrial branches. It would mean a major acquisition: Altera is worth billions of euros.

The rumors come from the generally well-established The Wall Street Journal. According to sources of the business newspaper, it may be Intel’s largest acquisition in a long time, but no deal has yet been reached. Altera would have a market value of 10.4 billion dollars, converted about 9.55 billion euros. The Wall Street Journal also notes that Intel and Altera have been working together for a long time.

Altera is best known as a designer of processors for industry, among other things. Among other things, it focuses on companies in the automotive, medical or military industry. Processors are also being designed for mobile applications.

It is still unclear whether there will actually be a takeover. What is certain is that Intel will have to put a large amount on the table if it wants to incorporate Altera. It is likely that Intel is considering an acquisition to bring more diversification into its product portfolio. The chipmaker is regularly in the news with acquisitions, but usually these are companies that are worth considerably less than Altera.