Rumor: Intel Core i9 mobile reaches 4.8GHz

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A list of clock speeds of the upcoming Coffee Lake-H processors has surfaced online. The fastest variant of this could achieve a turbo speed of 4.8GHz at a TDP of 45 watts.

The clock speeds have appeared on the forum of the Chinese website Chiphell. The topic mentions the Intel Core i5-8300H and -8400H, Core i7-8750H and -8850H and the Core i9-8950HK, in addition to two Xeon processors: the E-2176M and E-2186M. The latest Xeon processor achieves the same clock speeds as the i9, but adds support for ecc memory.

All processors run between 2GHz and 3GHz by default, but can achieve a turbo speed of at least 3.9GHz with all cores and at least 4GHz with one core. The i5 chips are quad cores and the i7, i9 and Xeon models have six cores. All Coffee Lake-H processors have hyperthreading.

The existence of the above processors was already confirmed in November, when a list of the chips appeared online. Only the Xeons were not mentioned in it. Remarkable is the Core i5-8400H as it was suggested as a hexacore processor without hyperthreading and the Core i5-8300H was not an i5, but an i3, with four cores without hyperthreading. The sources therefore contradict each other.

In December, information leaked about the Core i7-8700H, which is rumored to have a significantly lower turbo speed. Intel has not yet announced the processors, so all information has not yet been confirmed and it is not yet clear when processors can be expected on the market.

Intel 8th Generation Mobile Processors
Coffee Lake-H
are not confirmed
cores basefreq. Turbofreq. all cores Turbofreq. 1 core L3 Tdp (PL1)
Core i9-8950HK 6 / 12 2.9GHz 4.3GHz 4.8GHz 12MB 45W
Core i7-8850H 6 / 12 2.6GHz 4.0GHz 4.3GHz 12MB 45W
Core i7-8750H 6 / 12 2.2GHz 3.9GHz 4.1GHz 12MB 45W
Core i7-8700H 6 / 12 2.4GHz 2.9GHz 3.4GHz 9MB ?
Core i5-8400H 4 / 8 2.5GHz 4.1GHz 4.2GHz 8MB 45W
Core i5-8300H 4 / 8 2.3GHz 3.9GHz 4.0GHz 8MB 45W
Xeon E-2186M 6 / 12 2.9GHz 4.3GHz 4.8GHz 12MB 45W
Xeon E-2176M 6 / 12 2.7GHz 4.1GHz 4.4GHz 12MB 45W
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