Rumor: first GeForce cards with successor Pascal GPU appear in July

The new generation of Nvidia video cards will be available in July, Tom’s Hardware sources claim. The maps will be based on the Turing platform, but it is unknown under what name they appear.

Nvidia would supply the GPUs and the memory to its partners from June 15. The new-generation Founder’s Editions should hit stores sometime in July. In August or September the versions with own coolers from Nvidia’s partners will follow, and the laptop versions of the cards will be released later in the year.

Tom’s Hardware writes that based on information from its sources. They don’t say anything about the names of the cards yet. For example, it could be the 11 or the 20 series, i.e. the GTX 1180 or the GTX 2080.

Specifications about the cards and the Turing GPU does not report the site. However, Quadro maps based on Turing would also appear. Nvidia could present it in August, at the Siggraph event.