Rumor: European Commission wants to investigate acquisition of Fitbit by Google

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The European Commission would like to announce next week that it is starting a four-month investigation into the acquisition of Fitbit by Google. The Commission would like to investigate what happens with data on health care users.

The investigation should reveal whether the European Commission wants to approve the previously announced acquisition of Fitbit by Google, Reuters reports. Google has already said it promises not to use health data for targeted advertising to European users, but that apparently doesn’t go far enough for the Commission.

The European Commission did not want to comment on the story. Google tells Reuters that the deal is not about data, but about devices. The search giant points out that the combination of Fitbit and Google allows for more competition in wearables. In addition to Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are major players in the field of wearables. Google announced in November last year that it wanted to acquire Fitbit for nearly 1.9 billion euros.

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