Rumor: Apple working on 12″ MacBook Air and iPad Pro coming later

The iPad Pro, the iPad version with a screen with a screen diagonal of 12.9 inches, will come later, American media report. Apple is said to have postponed production until the second half of this year. Production of a 12″ MacBook Air is said to have started.

Delay in making the screens is the reason that the production of the iPad Pro, which has previously been rumored, has been postponed until September. Bloomberg reports that. Initially, Apple would have wanted to produce the iPad Pro this year, according to the financial publication, but the company has not succeeded.

In addition, Apple has difficulty determining which features the business iPad should have on board. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is considering adding USB ports to the tablet, which may include USB 3.0 ports. The iPad currently has no USB ports. The company would also consider support for keyboards and mice. Apple hasn’t officially announced the 12.9-inch iPad yet, likely after production has already started.

In addition to the new iPad, Apple is working on a MacBook Air with a 12-inch screen, according to The WSJ. Production of the new MacBook Air is said to have started earlier this year. The MacBook Air is currently available with screen diagonals of 11 and 13 inches.