Rumor: Apple will not provide the iPad Air with an OLED screen next year

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Apple will not provide next year’s iPad Air with an OLED screen, says TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple considered that, but refrained from doing so because it would potentially hinder the iPad Pro and make quality and cost not in line with expectations.

The arrival of an iPad Air with an OLED screen would stand in the way of the iPad Pro, because it would have a mini LED screen next year, Apple Insider reports. That would be difficult to explain why the iPad Pro is more expensive with a screen technique that doesn’t seem more expensive. In addition, suppliers could not supply the OLED screens for the iPad Air at the cost and with the quality that Apple demanded, the site writes.

Earlier this year, a rumor came out that Apple would like to release an iPad Air with 10.8″ OLED screen next year. According to Kuo, the company falls back on a TFT LCD like the current iPad Air. The iPad Pro 12.9″ already has a mini LED screen in the current version, the 11″ variant will also have a mini LED screen with the new generation.

Apple would also provide its upcoming MacBook Pros with a mini LED screen. The screen technique, in which the lighting behind the pixels comes from thousands of LEDs that create many dimmable zones to increase the contrast, would come in the new 14 “and 16” variants of the laptop. Those laptops will be released this year and Apple will present them in the coming weeks, writes financial news agency Bloomberg.

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