Rumor: Apple will mass-produce AR glasses within a year and a half

Apple would start mass production of its augmented reality glasses by the end of this year or at the latest in the spring of next year, claims a well-known analyst who often writes about Apple. The glasses would depend on the iPhone for operation.

The calculations, the rendering, the location determination and the internet connection come from the iPhone, so that the glasses largely serve as a display, 9to5Mac reports based on a report by Ming-Chi Kuo. He has often published accurate information about unannounced Apple products early in the past. In addition to a screen, the glasses would also have cameras on board to estimate depth and to be able to see the environment.

It is unknown how the iPhone and the glasses have a connection, but it is believed to be wireless. By letting the iPhone take over the calculations, less hardware is needed in the glasses. It could therefore be less heavy than would otherwise have been necessary.

Presumably, the glasses work with ARKit apps. Apple has been offering ARKit for a year and a half and developers can create apps that work with augmented reality via the camera image of iPhones. The electronics manufacturer has said it sees a great future in augmented reality for years.