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Rumor: Apple wants to exchange Intel CPUs in Macs for their own copies

You think Intel will issue a license for that? I would not expect too much …..

I think Apple will find something for that. They are good friends with AMD, and the market value of AMD is currently $ 9.2 billion. That is ransom for Apple.

Not to mention the absolute total lack of performance that any Apple x86 processor would have …

What do you make of this? The A11 is as fast as the Intel Core’s and that while the A11 is low-power. If Apple is allowed to spend money, they can win a lot.

They do pretty well in the ARM area (although that is lost as soon as you have to support all the interfaces of a full PC)

But why would you do that? ? Just as Apple opted for the 64-bit A7 for the ARMv8-A to lose old legacy and make an optimized core, Apple will build a pure x86-64, which is no problem for userland.
You will have to adjust the EFI and the kernel and that is of course for Apple as the OS maker no problem.

but all x86-64 instructions will support is not something you build “smooth” in.

Maybe not ‘smooth’, but AMD for example does it too, so it is not something that is ‘Intel-only’. Apple had 10 years the OS X kernel parallel to the PowerPC variant. They now run 10 years in parallel x86 and ARM. If Apple wants to build x86-64, it is easy for a company with the financial resources of Apple to have a project for that.

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