Rumor: Apple wants 20 percent more iPhones produced this year

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Apple is said to have asked suppliers to make about 90 million copies of the upcoming iPhone models. This would be about twenty percent higher than what is normal for iPhones.

Bloomberg relies on anonymous sources saying that Apple may sell more iPhones expected to be, because there would be more demand as more people are vaccinated against the coronavirus. The US sanctions against Huawei would also play a role in the expected increased demand for iPhones.

Although several tech companies have production problems due to chip shortages, the chip shortages in the upcoming iPhones would not play a major role, some sources tell Bloomberg. Since Apple is a big customer and suppliers know when the iPhones will be released, the suppliers would make sure they can make enough smartphones months in advance.

The upcoming iPhone models will be a smaller upgrade over the current iPhone 12 series, according to Bloomberg. They get a faster SOC, a better camera and a better screen. All models will receive updates, with at least one model featuring a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide screen. This ltpo screen should ensure that the smartphone gets a variable refresh rate. This screen would also use igzo to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

The faster soc would be an upgraded version of the A14 chip, while Apple would focus on optical zoom in videos with the improved camera. The design of the smartphones would also remain largely unchanged, although the notch would be smaller. Bloomberg does not expect the smartphones to have a fingerprint scanner under the screen. According to the medium, Apple will announce the iPhone 13 line in September.

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