Rumor: Apple opts for a different keyboard mechanism with upcoming MacBooks

Apple would opt for a scissor switch keyboard for its upcoming MacBooks, instead of the Butterfly keyboard of its current laptops. Those keyboards have caused users a lot of problems in recent years.

This year’s upcoming MacBook Air would transition from the Butterfly keyboard to a keyboard with scissor switches, 9to5 Mac reports, based on a report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. That analyst has often disseminated accurate information about unannounced Apple products.

Those scissor switches in the new keyboard would work with fiberglass for extra sturdiness. Apple has been using the Butterfly keyboard since the 2015 version of the 12″ MacBook, and all new versions in all of Apple’s laptop lines now have this keyboard. The MacBook Pro has been using the system since 2016, the MacBook Air since last year.

This year’s new Air would be the first to transition to the new scissor switch system. The MacBook Pro will follow next year, claims Kuo. The analyst says that the Butterfly keyboard is expensive to make due to its low yields. Plus, it brings a lot of problems, something Apple apologized for a few months ago.

Left regular scissor switch, right Apples Butterfly switch

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