Rumor: Apple is working on a 16-inch version of iPad

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Apple would be working on a variant of the iPad with a 16 “screen, claims The Information. No further details are known about the device. There have been rumors for some time about iPads with larger screens.

Mock-up: iPad Pro with larger screen behind iPad Pros 2022

With a 16″ screen, the largest screen on an iPad would line up with that of a MacBook, reports The Information. The largest MacBook Pro also has a display with that diagonal. The largest current iPad is the Pro with 12.9″ screen. The Information further notes that the device would probably only be aimed at creative professionals who work a lot with the Apple Pencil and therefore get a larger canvas than is currently possible .

There have been rumors for some time about larger iPads than the current models. The iPad Pros have had variants with 11″ and 12.9″ screens for years. Bloomberg claimed a year and a half ago that larger iPads would be in the works. According to DSCC screen analyst Ross Young, it would be a 14.1″ variant. The Information claims that the 16″ iPad would hit the market at the end of this year at the earliest. Apple last released new iPads last week. The iPad Pros have had the current design with the current sizes since 2018.

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