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Rotterdam is central to the new Battlefield V trailer

Well, then suddenly it comes very close, we shall say. The latest Battlefield V trailer is called ‘The Devastation of Rotterdam’ and that is also shown in the picture. Beautiful trailer, nicely made, cool music, but weird. These are our grandparents who lose their homes and their lives and that is then used to sell a game.

Once again, it is especially strange because it is usually someone else’s grandparents when you see things explode in WWII games and of course it just goes with it. It is all very fast, but the Laurenskerk, Station Blaak and the Willemsbrug can be seen in the trailer.

The trailer is not all about Rotterdam, because in the last quarter there are other locations in the picture that are being bombed and there are a lot of planes that are playable in the game. There is also a fiery ring to see in one of the last shots, where it is not clear if that is a scene from the story or that it has to do with the Battle Royale mode that would also come in Battlefield V.

The EA game is released on October 19th and this trailer has been made especially for Gamescom. That means that we can also start fighting in Rotterdam virtually next week. We will let you know how strange it feels …

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