Roguelite shooter Witchfire coming to Early Access at the end of this year

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Developer The Astronauts, known for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, wants to release its next game in Early Access in the fourth quarter of this year. That will happen on the Epic Games Store, but later the game will come to other platforms as well.

Witchfire is an fps roguelite “for people who hate roguelites”, according to the makers. The creators promise challenging yet satisfying gameplay, with different ways to win. By releasing the game in Early Access do the makers want to involve the community in development. The plan is to make a version available in the fourth quarter, but that will only happen if the team is happy with it by then.

The Astronauts says they have been working with Epic since 2007 and choose the Epic Games Store as the platform for the Early Access version† Ultimately, the game should also come to other platforms, but which ones are not yet known.

Witchfire is about a war against witches. Players will be given firearms and ‘forbidden pagan magic’ to turn the battle in their favor. The game was created by developers previously involved in Painkiller and Bulletstorm.

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