Rockstar is going to remove counterfeit money from GTA Online

Rockstar has announced that it will remove money brought into play by cheating gamers during the announced maintenance work on GTA Online. According to Rockstar, the gamers in question have been guilty of counterfeiting.

The game developer claims that a “small group” of players have managed to smuggle counterfeit GTA dollars into GTA V’s online mode through exploits. This ‘counterfeiting’ would negatively affect the gameplay and enjoyment of other gamers. Rockstar then decided to use the announced maintenance work, whereby GTA Online cannot be used for 24 hours, to clean up the game world.

Gamers who purposely brought counterfeit money into GTA Online will be punished, according to Rockstar. They can be placed in separate cheater pools and even banned from the game in more serious cases. Individuals who have accidentally received counterfeit money will lose this amount. Property and ‘legal’ GTA dollars will be retained.

Rockstar further reports that gamers in the GTA Online world are encouraged to report cheaters. This is possible via a menu option. Rockstar also says that it will try to close exploits as soon as possible with new updates.