Rockstar Games Launcher Update Should Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Issues

Rockstar released a new update to its Games Launcher this week. The update should fix Red Dead Redemption 2 launch issues. Some Reddit users are still reporting issues after installing the update.

The latest game launcher update, v1.0.11.170, contains a single fix, according to Rockstar: “improving issues that resulted in the error ‘The Rockstar Games Launcher Services are unavailable and offline play could not be verified’. Rockstar previously released an update for the launcher that was supposed to solve the problems, but that fix turned out to be not the desired result for all users.

At the bottom of the article is the question ‘was this article helpful?’ At the time of writing, 407 of the 555 respondents answered the question with ‘no’. This suggests that the problems have not yet been fully resolved. On Twitter Several users are reporting in response to the update that the game is still not working. Based on a Reddit posting, it appears that a number of people are indeed experiencing fewer issues, but many users are still dealing with random crashes and audio issues at the same time. The most recent update also seems to have caused problems for some Reddit users.

The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 did not go smoothly according to many PC gamers. Several users reported that the game often crashes or even doesn’t start at all. On Reddit, users are collecting their cases of performance issues with the game, including stutters and crashes, in a big topic. Users reported that they were able to fix some freezes by manually setting the game’s CPU usage to 98 or 95 percent. There are also several users of Ryzen CPUs who claim that updating to a bios version with Agesa solves the problems.