Rock Pi X computing board with x86-soc from Intel appears in web shops

Manufacturer Radxa has released its Rock Pi X single board computer. This sbc has, among other things, an x86 chip. The development board can now be ordered from a few web shops and has a starting price of $ 60, although, according to Radxa, cheaper variants will also be available. The single-board computer has an Atom x5-Z8350-soc from Intel. This chip is based on the x86 instruction set and has four CPU cores at 1.44GHz and an eighth generation Intel HD GPU. The Rock Pi X comes with up to 4GB of LPDDR3-1866 memory and up to 128GB of eMMC flash memory for storage.The single-board computer features a single USB 3.0 connection and three USB 2.0 connectors. The Rock Pi X also has a 3.5mm jack for audio and a 40-pin header for expansion, including gpio, uart and pwm. There is also talk of an HDMI connection that supports 4k resolutions at 30Hz. The computer also has Wi-Fi 5 and bluetooth 4.2, although a cheaper version will also be available without such connectivity. The SBC is powered via a USB-C connection. Support for Power over Ethernet can also be added via an optional add-on board. The development board measures 85x54mm. The Rock Pi X already appeared in the Hackerboards database a year ago. Then there was talk of a sbc with a lower positioned Intel Atom x5-Z8300-soc. In the meantime, the sbc has been redesigned. For example, the eMMC flash memory is now soldered on; in the previous variant shown this was a separate, exchangeable module. Support for embedded DisplayPort and MIPI DSI has also been removed from the specifications. In July 2020, manufacturer Radxa indicated that the Rock Pi X ‘has completed its training’. The producer then started publishing samples, so SBC is now available through various web shops. A variant with 2GB memory and 16GB storage capacity is available from a Chinese webshop from 60 dollars. The most expensive variant with 4GB memory and 128GB storage space can be pre-ordered for $ 100. A 4GB variant with 32GB storage is available for $ 75 through Seeed Studio. The sbc is expected to be delivered there on 10 October. According to the Radxa website, cheaper variants are also appearing. For example, there should be a Model A version that does not offer WiFi, bluetooth and PoE header for $ 10 less. The cheapest variant would cost $ 39.The Rock Pi X from Radxa