ROC Mondriaan reports major hack, students cannot access files

MBO institution ROC Mondriaan has become the victim of a major hack. As a result, the school’s systems are currently inaccessible and staff and students cannot access their files.

The hack was discovered last weekend, after which the educational institution filed a report, ROC Mondriaan writes in a blog post. A forensic investigation into the hack has also been launched. With this, the educational institution hopes to ‘map the scope of the hack, clarify the consequences and secure traces’. Research is currently also being conducted into how ROC Mondriaan can make the systems accessible again as quickly and safely as possible.

It is not yet clear whether it is a ransomware infection. Spokespersons for the school do not want to confirm that at the moment, RTL Nieuws writes. Harry de Bruijn, a member of the school’s board of directors, writes in the blog post: “We would prefer to tell you more now, but the investigation must first provide clarification in the coming hours and days.”

ROC Mondriaan is ‘doing everything possible’ to start education next week, although that may be in ‘adapted form’. This is because it is still uncertain ‘whether education can count on support for the necessary systems and applications’.