Rivian will not build electric vans with Mercedes for the time being

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Rivian and Mercedes are not going to cooperate for the time being. The two companies were initially supposed to set up a joint venture to make electric vans, but Rivian said on Tuesday that he wanted to focus on his own projects first.

In a joint press statement of Rivian and Mercedes, Rivian says it is suspending plans to focus on its own operations. “At this time, we believe that focusing on our consumer business and our existing commercial businesses is the best short-term choice to increase value for Rivian.” The company says it will not continue the joint venture with Mercedes-Benz now, but remains open to a partnership with the German automaker in the future.

The joint venture was announced in September. Initially, two types of vans would be built: one on Mercedes’ MB Vans Electric Architecture platform and the other on the second-generation Rivian Light platform.