‘Riot Games tactical shooter has quite a few similarities with CS:GO’

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For a playtest of Riot’s upcoming tactical shooter, the developer has invited a commentator from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. According to him, the game has quite a few similarities with CS:GO and the abilities are not very prominent.

Riot invited shoutcaster HenryG to a play session and he briefly reported his findings on Twitter. The fact that he is a former CS:GO player will undoubtedly have been a major reason for Riot to let him play the game. HenryG indicates he can’t say much yet. He describes the game, referred to by Riot Games as Project A, as a round-based tactical shooter with two teams of five, most similar to CS:GO, supplemented with “the better elements of first person shooters with classes and games.” heroes, such as Overwatch or Apex Legends’.

In his brief report, HenryG writes that the unique abilities should be seen as “tactical additions and not as potentially too strong combinations that other class-based games suffer.” These abilities must be bought mainly at the beginning of each round, as are the weapons; for this there is an economy that resembles that of CS:GO. HenryG seems to indicate that players should mainly fall back on the firearms to be bought and not depend too much on the abilities. All classes have access to the same weapons and, according to HenryG, the different playing fields resemble the structure of CS:GO, with the necessary routes and bottlenecks.

Just like in CS:GO, players have to detonate a bomb in a certain location, while the other team has to prevent it. The gameplay around the use of the firearms also shows similarities with the shooter from Valve. For example, a single bullet can be enough to take out an opponent.

Riot Games is known for the more than ten-year-old League of Legends, but is working on several new games, including a single player game in League of Legends world and Project A. When the shooter was unveiled, Riot Games said that Project A will be a shooter game. wants to deliver with ‘more creativity’ and ‘more style’ than what is currently on the market. The company wants to offer a lot of tactical possibilities and enable play styles by adding different types of characters.

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