Reuters: TSMC is considering building 3nm chip factory in the United States

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TSMC may want to build a 3nm chip semiconductor plant in Arizona. Anonymous sources from Reuters news agency report this. This plant would complement TSMC’s current expansion plans within the United States.

The proposed 3nm plant would cost $ 23-25 ​​billion, sources familiar with TSMC’s plans tell Reuters. That is more than double the 5nm plant already being built in Arizona; it would cost $ 10-12 billion to build.

Reuters reported earlier this month that TSMC, in addition to this 5nm plant, would have plans to further expand its production capacity in Arizona. The chip manufacturer would like to build five more chip factories on a TSMC campus in the US state.

The manufacturer would now discuss internally whether the next plant in the US should become a more advanced facility, capable of making chips on TSMC’s 3nm node, of which small-scale riskproduction is already starting in Taiwan this year. TSMC employees have also outlined plans to make 2nm chips and smaller in the US as the Arizona campus expands over the next ten to 15 years, a source tells Reuters.

Earlier this month, a lobby group called the Semiconductors in America Coalition called on the US government to invest money in US chip production capacity. The lobby group is asking President Biden’s government for 50 billion in investments. In addition to large tech companies such as Apple, AMD, Qualcomm and Nvidia, TSMC has also signed this call. It comes as no surprise, then, that TSMC appears to be planning to expand its manufacturing capacity in the US.

It seems likely that this call will be accepted; Reuters reported on Friday that four US senators are about to introduce a $ 52 billion financing plan for the semiconductor sector. The American president has been calling for investment in the chip sector for some time. For example, Biden already mentioned a possible financing plan for the American chip sector in March, also writes the Wall Street Journal.

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