Reminder: Microsoft Edge Legacy will be retired in March 2021

Microsoft currently maintains three different web browsers on the Windows 10 platform: Internet Explorer 11, the old Microsoft Edge browser, and the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

Support for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge will end in March 2021; Microsoft will release a final set of web browser security patches on Patch Day in March 2021 before support officially ends.

The company introduced the old version of Microsoft Edge when it released its Windows 10 operating system in 2015. Microsoft Edge is designed as a modern web browser with better support, performance, compatibility and user features such as add-ons system. that was easier to make extensions for.

The browser, while in many ways better than Internet Explorer 11, had its fair share of annoyances and failed to capture much of the market share in desktop systems. Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser was released in January 2020. It was clear then that the days of the classic Edge browser were numbered.

Support for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge will end in March 2021. Internet Explorer 11 is still supported, the main reason to keep the browser active is backward support for certain features that many enterprise organizations and businesses still rely on.

There is a new Internet Explorer mode in the new Edge that makes it easier to access content that requires Internet Explorer 11 supported features. Users who are still using the previous version of Microsoft Edge will have to switch on the new Edge or a third-party browser.

The company did not disclose the plans to remove legacy Edge from Windows 10 systems. However, it will risky for users to use the legacy browser after support ends.