Remaster by The Last Remnant will play for PlayStation 4

There will be a remaster of The Last Remnant, a jpg of Square Enix. The publisher releases it on PlayStation 4 on December 6. The original game was released at the end of 2008 for the Xbox 360 and in the spring of 2009 for Windows. The PC version is no longer for sale.

In an interview on the PlayStation blog director Koichiro Sakamoto says that the remaster is made with Unreal Engine 4. The original game was built on Unreal Engine 3 No new content is added to the game. Square Enix shows a short trailer video and screenshots of the new version.

The Last Remnant takes place in a war-torn world. The protagonist Rush Sykes has to look for magical objects, which are partly responsible for the emergence of multiple wars. The player creates teams of up to five characters and can take five teams on a mission. Fights are turn based .

In addition to the original release of the Xbox 360 version and the Windows version, the idea was that the game also came out for the PlayStation 3. That version never came true, it is not known why.

Since September 5, The Last Remnant is no longer available on Steam. The makers say on the platform of Valve that it is not yet known whether and when the Windows version of the game is going to be sold again.