Release SDk for ‘smart back cover’ Jolla enables physical keyboard

Jolla has made the development kit for the smart backs of his smartphone available. The documentation enables new applications, such as a back cover with a built-in physical keyboard. A prototype is already ready.

The prototype of the back cover with the physical keyboard has the ramp of the old Motorola Milestone, according to a video from the maker on Vimeo. He has embedded the keyboard on the back. The keyboard itself connects to the phone via bluetooth, but can be clicked to the device via the Other Half system. The intention is that 100 will initially be made, according to the topic on

The smart back is possible because Jolla has made the development kit for the backs available. It states, among other things, which requirements the rear must meet and where exactly which elements must be located. The documentation shows that nfc is only needed for backs with extra functionality. The back can also request power from the device via pogo pins.

Jolla has also started selling backs, but there are currently only two options available: a black and a green-blue. Both cost 29 euros. The Jolla is the first smartphone with the young Finnish company’s own operating system. The software called Sailfish is based on Nokia’s old operating system MeeGo and can run Android apps.

MOV07341 from dirkvl on Vimeo.