Registration reveals the arrival of two iMacs and a MacBook

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Registrations of two iMacs and a MacBook have appeared in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Apple will probably want to present the models in the foreseeable future. Previously, there were already registrations for iPhones and iPads.

The A2681 is registered as a ‘portable PC’, while the A2615 and A2686 have been given the description of ‘PC’. Previously, Apple used those names for MacBooks and iMacs. The registration states that the computers run on macOS 12, but does not say anything about specs or the design of the PCs. ConsoMac found the registrations first.

Earlier, an iPhone and iPad passed in the registrations. The registrations are usually several months before the presentation and are an obligation for the release of products on the Russian market. The EEC approves those products and obliges companies to register all products that use encryption.

According to previous rumors, Apple is planning an event on March 8 to announce various products. That would be a next version of the iPhone SE, this time with 5G. There would also be a new iPad Air.

EEC: Apple products in early 2022

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