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Reduce energy bills? Start-up June Energy will realize this

June Energy . A start-up from Antwerp that promises to make energy bills for consumers considerably cheaper and more sustainable. June is your artificially intelligent energy assistant.

Shortly after the launch, some 500,000 euros in starting capital was raised. That was enough for June Energy to develop a new and innovative technology that allows users to monitor their energy consumption in real time. Moreover, the accumulated data can be combined with preferences of the user and then linked to the best fitting energy formula. Over the past 2.5 years, more than 5000 families have been able to save 1 million euros together.

Recently there has been a new capital round, and they have managed to raise another 2.1 million euros. This will be used to further grow the existing technology as well as the development of new services. From October, the solution is also expected for
companies, and it will not only be private individuals who benefit from it.

Energy transition

According to the start-up, we are evolving towards a world with 100% renewable resources for all our energy needs. An evolution that is ecologically necessary and economically inevitable. We can no longer deny climate change. The effects are visible on a daily basis and we must try to slow them down as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the stock of fossil fuels is finite, while energy consumption worldwide is increasing. But the sun is shining and the wind is always blowing. As a result, we can continue to meet our growing need with energy from renewable sources in the future.

June believes that renewable energy should be accessible to everyone. Through the solar panels on our roof, we can all become energy suppliers and thus produce energy ourselves. Why not also sell energy to each other and buy from each other?

End user must profit

It is logical that the end user immediately reaps the benefits of this evolution, ” according to June. “ That’s why we develop relevant services using advanced technology to optimize the energy costs of our customers.”

The balance between production and consumption is a major challenge here to further reduce the costs of renewable energy. Today, it is not yet clear who uses or produces what, which makes for a not so efficient and therefore expensive approach to the energy system, as June wants to change this together with its customers.

Savings on the energy bill

This is done as follows: the patented smart readers measure the consumption of customers, and then the algorithms compare the data and preferences monthly with the available energy rates. Whenever a better link is found, June makes the switch for its customers to optimize their energy bills.

This creates space for customers to invest in sustainable energy. Moreover, thanks to the accumulated knowledge, it is possible to determine very accurately how many solar panels are needed to perfectly meet the energy needs of a user.

The revenue from subscriptions and the anonymized datasets from customers enable June to effectively develop new services and technologies. In the medium to long term, the company wants to realize unbelievable energy efficiency with its software on a very large scale.

By means of personalized insights and self-learning algorithms, we analyze your energy consumption more and more. Based on this, we are already helping you save on your energy bill, and in the near future we can provide clear and concrete advice on energy investments

June is a promising start-up that you really want to keep an eye on.

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