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Redmi shows teasers of K30 Pro with hdr10 + screen and popup camera

Redmi has put a number of new teasers online for the K30 Pro. It shows how the phone gets two IMX686 sensors from Sony. The 64 megapixel camera also gets optical image stabilization. The device also has a pop-up camera on the front.

The teasers of the former Xiaomi subsidiary have been posted to the Chinese social network Weibo. It shows how the device gets a Sony IMX686 sensor in both the primary camera and a telephoto lens. The specifications also state that the sensor counts 64 megapixel and is 1/17 “in size. The camera must be able to record video in an 8k resolution, and has 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom. The device also gets an amoled hdr10 + It is noticeable that Redmi also shows photos from a popup camera on the front Earlier phones of the company already had such a camera, but earlier this week Redmi CEO Lu Weibing said that popup cameras were technically too complicated. The cameras now have an illuminated rim in different colors.

Redmi shows that the phone will be available in purple, blue and white. The phone also has 5G. It is not yet known what the device will cost and whether it will be released in Europe. The company will announce the phone in China on March 24.

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