Razer’s wireless Orochi V2 mouse lasts 950 hours via bluetooth connection

Razer is releasing a new version of its Orochi mouse, released in 2012. The new Orochi V2 has a stated battery life of 950 hours when the mouse is connected via Bluetooth Low Energy. This is in combination with the supplied single AA lithium battery.

According to Razer, the Orochi V2 will last longer if the small, included, mouse-storable dongle is used for the HyperSpeed ​​Wireless connection at 2.4GHz. In that case, the specified operating time is 425 hours. This Hyperspeed Wireless technology leads to very low latency, according to Razer.

The manufacturer further presents the Orochi V2 as a mouse that is very light. The weight without batteries is less than 60 grams, according to Razer. That changes depending on what kind of battery is installed. The new mouse holds a single AA battery, but also has room for a single AAA battery. With the latter type of battery, the Orochi V2 does not last as long, but it is possible to limit the weight to 70 grams, Windows Central writes in a review. With an AA battery, the weight is 74 grams.

The mouse contains a sensor with a resolution of 18,000 dpi, with the sensitivity set by default to be able to directly set to 400, 800, 1600, 3200 or 6400 dpi. The two mechanical switches should last 60 million clicks. There are a total of six buttons that can be programmed independently of each other.

According to the manufacturer, the Orochi V2 is ‘optimal to use’ regardless of the user’s grip preference, which means a claw grip, palm grip and a top grip. In the latter term, only the fingertips touch the mouse. Razer’s news wireless mouse measures 108x60x38mm and is available for a suggested retail price of 80 euros.