Razer releases software with cryptominer, but rewards miners with loyalty points

Razer has released software that collects cryptocurrency when gamers don’t use their GPU for a while. However, they do not receive bitcoins or other virtual coins for this, but Razer Silver, which can be used for discounts on Razer products and games.

Razer does not tell you exactly which crypto coins are mined with Razer Softminer. What the game company does say is that with the right hardware, players can earn about five hundred Razer Silver or more per day. Razer recommends a GTX 1050 or RX 460 or better.

The catalog shows that a Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard based on that number, for example, takes 560 days of mining. However, Razer Silver is only valid for 12 months, meaning only gamers who can mine faster than Razer Silver will be eligible for that reward. Depending on the user’s hardware and the energy tariff, it may be cheaper to mine a cryptocurrency yourself and buy the rewards that are offered with that money in a store.

A user on Twitter claims to have run the software through a decompiler and has screenshots and info posted. Razer Softminer would include the NiceHash client and the benchmark in the program would determine which cryptocurrency a user can mine the most. In a topic on Reddit, the response to the new software is mostly negative.