Razer Introduces Glasses With Built-In Speakers, Microphone And Blue Light Filter

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Razer has announced the Anzu, glasses with touch-sensitive controls, speakers that are incorporated into the arms, microphone and glasses that filter blue light. The Anzu glasses come on the market for 210 euros.

The speakers with 16mm drivers are incorporated into the legs of the Anzu and the omnidirectional microphone for voice control is also integrated into the frame of the glasses. The connection to the app is via Bluetooth 5.1 and the touch-sensitive operation can be set via that app. By default, a single tap on the side, for example, allows an incoming call to be recorded or the music to pause. The app for the glasses works in combination with Android 8.1 or later versions and with iOS 12 or new versions.

Charging is via pin connectors on the underside of the legs. According to Razer, it takes an hour and a half for an Anzu to be fully charged and then it can be used for more than five hours. By default, the glasses contain lenses that filter 35 percent blue light and optionally there are polarized lenses that filter up to 99 percent UV light. The glasses can withstand splashes of water such as rain, but the product is not completely water resistant. The weight is about 48 grams. The suggested retail price is 210 euros and replacement lenses are available for 35 euros.

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