Razer Introduces 2000dpi Mouse

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Game hardware manufacturer Razer has launched a new mouse for gamers. The new mouse, called Copperhead, has a laser sensor that supports a maximum resolution of 2000dpi. The maximum resolution of the optical mice available to date is 1600dpi.

In addition to the high resolution supported by the sensor, the mouse is also capable of transmitting fast movements to the computer. The maximum speed supported according to the specifications is over 127 centimeters per second (50″ per second) with the response speed being one millisecond. Because the mouse’s sensor is not turned off when idle, as with most ‘normal’ mice, it If this is the case, the Copperhead always responds in the shortest possible time.

Another unique feature of the mouse is the presence of 32KB of memory in the mouse. This memory can be used by the user to save settings of the seven available buttons for a particular game in the mouse. It is then not necessary to install special drivers, which is useful, for example, if the mouse is used on different computers. In order to optimally adjust the mouse to the wishes of the user, it is possible to adjust weights in the mouse and there are exchangeable housings. The new mouse will be available in September and is expected to cost around $80.

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